What We Do

If you buy wine at the supermarket, then you might need a hand to compare supermarket prices as you shop! There are hundreds of wines to choose from and not much guidance to help you decide which bottles to pop into your trolley. Do you go for the Chilean red you recognise? Or look for a two-for-a-tenner special offer? Or maybe you assume the more you pay, the better the quality? Yes, wine aisles are confusing places. But hidden on these shelves are some very good deals. Unfortunately there really are many bad deals too.

This is where wotwine? can help. We’re a team of wine professionals, sellers and drinkers who aim to taste every wine in every major supermarket on your behalf. Over the last two years we’ve tasted and evaluated over 10,000 bottles of wine (hey, it’s a hard job but somebody’s got to do it). The result? wotwine?: a rigorous, definitive guide to every bottle of wine you’ll find on those baffling supermarket shelves.

Supermarkets We Cover

We taste and rate wines from all the major supermarkets, to find you the best wines from Asda, Aldi, the Co-Op, Lidl, Morrisons and many more! In this way, our supermarket comparison on wine is fair and impartial, and we never favour one supermarket over another – see our strict Code of Conduct for more info!

Rating & Reviewing Wines

Our tasting team has given each wine a price that we think represents fair value. All you have to do is compare how much we say the bottle is worth with the price you’re being asked to pay in the supermarket and use our app or online search function to perform an instant supermarket comparison.

Each wine has also been given a review to help you decide whether that bottle of Bordeaux is great or gut-corrodingly awful.

wotwine? – A Voice You Can Trust

We are 100 per cent independent and buy every bottle we taste. Our aim is for the consumer to be freed from misleading prices, hideous hike-ups and, of course, sub-standard wine.

Welcome to wotwine? Your Supermarket Sommelier

wotwine’s tasting team meets weekly and tastes wines from a particular region or in a single category (such as all Chablis, or all Argentinian Malbecs) from the nine major supermarket chains (Asda, Aldi, the Co-op, Lidl,  Marks & Spencer,  Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose). We usually have four-six tasters with a minimum of two Masters of Wine in each tasting session.  It’s a never-ending process as wines on sale change all the time and we want to ensure we provide you with an up-to-date supermarket comparison at all times.

Our tastings are all done “semi-blind”. In other words, all the tasters know about the wine is the appellation, wine type/origin, and the vintage.  They do not know the producer, retailer, or price until their assessment has been given.

Using wotwine’s scoring system, we reach a consensus about each wine’s quality. We also compose a short review for the app too.

More importantly, we give each wine a wotwine? would pay price. Often we agree that the shelf price offer is correct and fair. Sometimes we think the wine is worth more and we’ll say so. But if we think the wine is overpriced, the wotwine? would pay price will let you know.

We’ve noticed price promotions in some supermarket chains are often used as marketing tools to make shoppers think they’re getting a bargain. It’s our job to tell you whether these are genuine bargains or not, and allow you to compare supermarket prices as you shop to get the best value.  It is also always possible that a bottle that we have bought off the shelves could be faulty or not representative or typical of a particular wine. If it is very obviously faulty (eg. corked or oxidized) we will return the bottle and ask for a replacement, and if necessary buy another bottle.

Please note, we are NOT a price comparison website, but we DO show you the best value for money wines!

The reason we do not just offer best price comparison is because each supermarket has a unique range and we taste all these wines comparatively by category and then tell you which is the best for taste and best value for money, making this service much more valuable that just price comparison! It is only a few big brands which are multi stocked in a number of different supermarket chains. That said, if you look up on our site a big brand like Moët et Chandon Champagne, you will see which chain has the best price!


If you feel we are undervaluing or overvaluing a wine, or our review isn’t correct, please let us know through contact us and we’ll reappraise or re-taste for you.