Wotwine best value wines of the week – w/c 24th June 2019

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 w/c 24th June 2019

The Wotwine panel of independent experts tastes 40 – 60 supermarket wines a week to pick out the top buys for you.
 It’s been a busy and productive week of tasting for our Panel and we’re excited to bring you four great recommendations across the entire range of prices.
The Wotwine panel of independent experts tastes a wide range of supermarket wines every week to pick out the top buys for you.  We won’t recommend a wine unless it is at least “Fair Value”, so worth within 10% either way of the retail price, but we try to find those that give you a bit of a bargain.  Happy and great-value drinking… in moderation of course!

£5.00 & Under

Wines at under £5.00 per bottle are likely to simple but we look for something solidly-made, free of any obvious faults with some characteristics of the grape variety.
First up is a terrific value everyday red. It’s rare to find a Bordeaux red for below £5 but this is well-made and definitely outperforms. For sheer outstanding value, this is unlucky not to be our Wine of the Week.
 ASDA Winemakers Choice Claret 2018
Asda Winemakers Choice Claret 2018
From: ASDA
Price: £4.98
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £7.00
Tasting note: Simple, fruity wine with fresh blackcurrants and cherries. Easy drinking lunchtime red.

£5.00 – £7.49

This is the core of supermarket range and should be providing well-made wines with characteristics of the grape variety and a sense of place.
Continuing our theme of great value rosé from Spain, this is another wine from Navarra that combines quality and value and it well worth seeking out.

LIDL Mezquiriz Navarra Garnacha Rosado 2018

Mezquiriz Navarra Garnacha Rosado 2018
From: Lidl
Price: £5.49
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £6.50
Tasting note: Soft, juicy, tasty wine with strawberry and raspberry character.


£7.50 – £9.99

Wines in this price rage should be clearly characteristic of variety and origin, with the best examples exhibiting skilled wine-making such as appropriate and deft use of oak.
Stepping another level in quality, this is an excellent Bordeaux from the under-rated 2012 vintage and is right in its peak drinking window now. It’s complex, pleasurable and excellent value for an impressive Médoc wine with some bottle age, which earns it the accolade of our “Wine of the Week”.

LIDL Chateau Prieure de Blaignan 201

 Chateau Prieure de Blaignan 2012
From: Lidl
Price: £8.99
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £12.00
Tasting note: Nicely made, fully mature wine with good complex character of red currants, cherries, warm spices, cedarwood and graphite minerality. Drink now!

£10.00 & Over

Above £10.00, the wine should be delivering extra intensity and complexity, often also reflecting higher costs of production such as barrel fermentation or extended bottle ageing.
Finally, another claret. This “second wine” of Chateau des Fougeres is from the celebrated 2009 vintage and the quality certainly shows. It’s drinking perfectly now and, whilst not a bargain, is fairly priced at £15.

TESCO La Raison du Chateau des Fougeres 2009

La Raison du Chateaeres 2009 des Fougeres
From: Tesco
Price: £15.00
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £15.00
Tasting Note: Rustic, mature wine with a velvety mouthfeel, bramble jam and sweet spices.


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