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 w/c 17th June 2019

The Wotwine panel of independent experts tastes 40 – 60 supermarket wines a week to pick out the top buys for you.
Last week we focused on red wines at Waitrose that were on special offer but, by the time our email was sent out, the offers were ending. A number of you pointed this out to us, quite rightly and apologies to those who were disappointed or inconvenienced.
Unfortunately the retailers don’t tell us when they’re moving their prices so we can only go with what is current when we buy/taste the wine and write articles, in this case the Sunday before. We have experimented in the past with “price scraping” to try to keep prices live but it was too unreliable and doesn’t cater for differential regional and store format pricing. We therefore dropped it.
That’s one of the reasons we focus on “what we would pay” as that doesn’t change, although clearly whether it is good value or not depends on what the retailer is charging at any given time. We want to keep highlighting great value wines but will add a suggestion to future articles, particularly where we have special offers included, that you check online whether special offers are still running before travelling to stores as we think that’s the only way around this issue.
But we’re back to tasting and as it happens, none of this week’s recommendations is currently on special offer; they just offer exceptional value at the normal retail price. Let’s drink to more of that!
The Wotwine panel of independent experts tastes a wide range of supermarket wines every week to pick out the top buys for you. We won’t recommend a wine unless it is at least “Fair Value”, so worth within 10% either way of the retail price, but we try to find those that give you a bit of a bargain.  Happy and great-value drinking… in moderation of course!

£5.00 & Under

Wines at under £5.00 per bottle are likely to simple but we look for something solidly-made, free of any obvious faults with some characteristics of the grape variety.
We start with an absolute bargain from Lidl which tends to confirm our view that if you’re buying Rosé the safest bet is Spain and particularly Navarra. For under £4.00, this is a fresh and fruity wine that’s perfect as an aperitif but also has the weight and concentration to pair with food. After what seems to have been the coldest, wettest start to June for a decade or more, this will at least help you pretend it is summer.

LIDL Mezquiriz Rosado 2018

 Mezquiriz Rosado 2018
From: Lidl
Price: £3.99
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £6.50
Tasting note: Nicely fresh and fruity wine with tart cherries, sweet raspberries and red currants. Good weight and balance.
Our second recommendation is another great value Spanish Rosé, this time from Waitrose, which also outperforms and is also marginally below the £5 threshold.

Waitrose Spanish Rose 2018

Waitrose Spanish Rose 2018
From: Waitrose & Partners
Price: £4.99
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £6.00
Tasting note: Fresh, dry rose with wild red berry character on the clean palate.

£5.00 – £7.49

This is the core of supermarkets range and should be providing well-made wines with characteristics of the grape variety and a sense of place.
The influence of cool ocean currents from Antarctica help South Australia’s Limestone Coast produce some deceptively fresh wines and this is a well-priced example. Rather confusingly, Aldi also has it labelled Padthaway, which is a premium sub-region so generally more expensive, but their website seems to confirm it is the same wine. Either way, at £5.79 it is Good Value.

ALDI Exquisite-Limestone-Coast-Chardonnay

Exquisite Collection Limestone Coast Chardonnay 2017
From: Aldi
Price: £5.79
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £7.00
Tasting note: Clean, balanced, lemony wine with creamy texture and a slightly nutty, herbal finish.


£10 & Over

Above £10.00, the wine should be delivering extra intensity and complexity, often also reflecting higher costs of production such as barrel fermentation or extended bottle ageing.
Finally, we jump to one of the more expensive wines we’ve featured recently. Most Barolo is expensive and that which isn’t all too often is just not very good. This is an exception: well-priced and distinctly high quality, as well as being ready to drink. It is a bit of a treat and we’re making it our Wine of the Week. Pair it with roast lamb or game, give it an hour or so in a decanter to allow the aromatics to develop and it is superb!

Barolo Riserva Serre Alte 2011

Barolo Riserva Serre Alte 2011
From: Sainsbury’s
Price: £24.00
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £30.00
Tasting Note: Classic, true to style wine with red cherries, red currants, leather, balsamic and forest floor notes. Perfect to drink now!

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