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 w/c 3rd June 2019

Half-term holidays mean that there were no tasting panels last week so we’ve taken a look at something different: which of the wines you have scanned most often offer the best value?  As you’d expect, some of the better-known brands are near the top of the “most scanned” list but, as we’ve said before, they rarely offer great value. There’s an honourable exception, Mud House Sauvignon Blanc, which we’ve mentioned before and are happy to highlight again here. 
We’ve also picked out three excellent value reds, including Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Barbera d’Asti which is currently on offer and is a bit of a bargain for those interested in trying something different.
The Wotwine panel of independent experts tastes a wide range of supermarket wines every week to pick out the top buys for you. We won’t recommend a wine unless it is at least “Fair Value”, so worth within 10% either way of the retail price, but we try to find those that give you a bit of a bargain. Happy and great-value drinking… in moderation of course!
One of the downsides of its popularity is that there’s rather too much poor quality Sauvignon Blanc around. The Mud House is a typical example from Marlborough in New Zealand and is well-priced at a number of retailers at the moment. We’ve linked to Waitrose, which is currently offering the best deal but it’s worth shopping around.

Waitrose Mud House Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Mud House Sauvignon Blanc 2018
From: Waitrose & Partners
Price: £6.99
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £7.50
Tasting note: Reasonable, clean wine with ripe peach and mango notes and a fresh, lifted palate.
Barbera is under-rated in the UK.  It’s the variety the Piedmontese have traditionally drunk as their everyday wine, rather than the more demanding Nebbiolo, but it has never been particularly fashionable in the UK. A good Barbera has a lovely intense colour, lifted dark bramble fruits but soft tannins so it can be enjoyed much younger than the other Piedmont red varieties which can be rather challenging in their youth. Sainsbury’s have an excellent example in their Taste the Difference range and it is currently on offer at only £6.50. It’s definitely worth trying as an introduction to the variety and is therefore our “Wine of the Week”.
Wine of the week Sainsburys-Taste the Difference Barbera d’Asti
Taste the Difference Barbera d’Asti 2017
From: Sainsbury’s
Price: £6.50
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £7.50
Tasting note: Well-made wine with ripe sour cherries, bramble fruit and spice. Good intensity and weight.


Last week’s “Wine of the Week” was from the Douro Valley and this is another great value example, this time from Lidl.  Curiously, Lidl’s website is showing the current vintage as 2015 but we have tasted the 2016 so look out for that as both may be on the shelves.

Lidl Azinhaga de Ouro Douro

Azinhaga de Ouro Douro 2016
From: Lidl
Price: £5.99
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £6.50
Tasting note: Well made, characterful wine with cherries and spiced currants, spices and earthy notes.
Finally, and also from Lidl, we have an old favourite. Again, there seems to be a vintage transition under way, from 2012 to 2013. We haven’t tasted the latter but 2013 was a difficult year in Rioja so we suggest you hold off until we have tried it and buy the 2012 if you see it on the shelves.

LIDL Cepa Lebrel Rioja Reserva

Cepa Lebrel Rioja Reserva 2012
From: Lidl
Price: £5.79
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £10.00
Tasting Note: Nicely made, complex and classy wine with elegant structure and balanced, ripe plum fruit and sweet oak spice.

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