Wotwine best value wines of the week – w/c 13th May 2019

 w/c 13th May 2019

The Wotwine panel of independent experts tastes 40 – 60 supermarket wines a week to pick out the top buys for you.

Another excellent week for the Tasting Panel so we not only have some exciting bargains to recommend but some wines which are a little outside the normal range for those looking to try something different.
The Wotwine panel of independent experts tastes a wide range of supermarket wines every week to pick out the top buys for you. We won’t recommend a wine unless it is at least “Fair Value”, so worth within 10% either way of the retail price, but we try to find those that give you a bit of a bargain. Happy and great-value drinking… in moderation of course!

£5.00 – £7.49

We didn’t taste any sub-£5 bottles this week so here is a bonus wine from slightly above that level that’s well worth trying.
This is the core of supermarket ranges and should be providing well-made wines with characteristics of the grape variety and a sense of place.
Recommending that you try more Riesling is a mission of ours but a risky one at times. The versatility of styles that makes it such an extraordinary grape variety means it can be hard to tell exactly what you’re getting it until you open the bottle, particularly the level of residual sugar which determines how dry or sweet it is.  Frustrating … but I guess that’s part of the reason we are here to guide our users through challenges like this!  Helpfully, though,
Sainsbury’s ranks its white wines 1-9 (driest to sweetest), with this rated as a 4, so medium-dry.

Sainsburys Winemakers’ Selection Riesling

Sainsbury’s Winemakers’ Selection Riesling 2018
From: Sainsbury’s
Price: £5.25
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £6.50
Tasting note: Medium dry, tropical wine with ripe pineapple, starfruit and honeyed green apple and grape character.
This Argentinian Malbec from Asda really over-delivers and is not just our “Wine of the Week” but features in our Top 100 best value supermarket wines. At its original price of £8.00 it was already seriously good value but at £6.50 it’s an absolute steal. A wine with genuine quality for an everyday price. Don’t miss!

ASDA Diversity of Terroir Premium Malbe

Diversity of Terroir Premium Malbec 2018
From: ASDA
Price: £6.50
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £10.00
Tasting note: Nicely made, classy wine with lifted red plum and rose petal character, fresh and clean palate and a long finish.

£7.50 – £9.99

Wines in this price range should be clearly characteristic of variety and origin, with the best examples exhibiting skilled wine-making such as appropriate and deft use of oak.
Another wine from outside its price bracket but one which over-performs. Picpoul can be over-cropped and rather lacking in character but this is an excellent example and offers genuinely good value. Great with seafood or chilled as an aperitif.

ALDI Exquisite-Picpoul-De-Pinet

Exquisite Collection Picpoul de Pinet 2018
From: ALDI
Price: £6.49
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £7.50
Tasting note:Fresh, gently aromatic wine with ripe lemon and stone fruits, good weight and a saline edge.

£10.00 and over

Above £10.00, the wine should be delivering extra intensity and complexity, often also reflecting higher costs of production such as barrel fermentation or extended bottle ageing.
Finally, a couple of lovely, aromatic but stylistically different Gewurztraminers, both ideal for pairing with Asian cuisine, such as a fragrant Thai curry.The first, from Tasmania, is drier than would be typical for a European Gewurz, whilst the second is a more typical Alsace wine – off-dry and textured though not overtly sweet. Both are Fair Value but it’s worth keeping an eye out to see if Waitrose includes the second wine in one of its frequent 25% off promotions.

ALDI Artisan-Tasmanian-Gewürztraminer

Artisan Tasmanian Gewurztraminer 2016
From: ALDI
Price: £10.99
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £11.00
Tasting Note: Well made, drier style Gewurztraminer with soft papaya, mango, pickled walnuts and Turkish delight character. Very good gastronomic wine.


Waitrose & Partners Caves de Turckheim Gewurztraminer

Caves de Turckheim Gewurztraminer 2017
From: Waitrose & Partners
Price: £10.99
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £10.00
Tasting Note: Aromatic, off-dry wine with candied ginger, lychee, rose petals and Turkish delight on the oily palate. Round and weighty, would go well with spicy oriental dishes.

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