Wotwine best value wines of the week – w/c 1st April 2019

 w/c 1st April 2019

The Wotwine panel of independent experts tastes 40 – 60 supermarket wines a week to pick out the top buys for you.

We won’t recommend a wine unless it is at least “Fair Value”, so worth within 10% either way of the retail price, but we try to find those that give you a bit of a bargain for your money.  Happy and great value drinking … in moderation of course!

 Busy schedules meant the Panel was only able to get together for one tasting session this week but they nonetheless managed to unearth some good buys across the price range.

UNDER £5.00

Wines at under £5.00 per bottle are likely to be simple but we look for something solidly-made, free of any obvious faults with some characteristics of the grape variety.
Unlike last week, we have found a wine at under £5.00 which offers genuine value and is more than drinkable. One word of warning though: it is packaged in clear glass and therefore vulnerable to what is known as “light strike”, where exposure to UV can cause a wine to taste and smell of what is variously described as vegetal, cauliflower or old dishwater.
Wotwine tip: for anything in clear glass, take a bottle from the back of the shelf, where it is less likely to have been affected.

Sainsburys-Stoneberg Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

Stoneberg Semillon Sauvignon Blanc
From: Sainsbury’s
Price: £4.85
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £6.00
Tasting note: Crisp, dry wine with some white peach and pear character. Balanced with some pure mineral edge

£5.00 – £7.49

This is the core of supermarket ranges and should be providing well-made wines with characteristics of the grape variety and a sense of place.
We struggled to find much in the way of great value in this price band but this Malbec from Aldi is fairly priced and representative of the style. It’s not showing as available online but we’re still seeing Wotwine users scanning it so there must be some left on the shelves.

ALDI Quisco-Chilean-Malbec

Quisco Malbec 2018
From: ALDI
Price: £6.99
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £7.00
Tasting note: Reasonable, fruity wine with soft dark berries, licorice and a smoky finish


£7.50 – £9.99

Wines in this price range should be clearly characteristic of variety and origin, with the best examples exhibiting skilled wine-making such as appropriate and deft use of oak.
Up a price bracket and definitely a step-up in quality is this Malbec from Argentina. It is from the San Juan region rather than the spiritual homeland of Mendoza which may be part of the reason that it’s genuinely Good Value. This was a wine our Panel enjoyed – perhaps a little too much – and well worth seeking out.
ALDI Don-Tomas-Argentinian-Malbec
Don Tomas Malbec 2018
From: ALDI
Price: £7.99
The Wotwine panel thinks this is worth: £10.00
Tasting note:  Juicy, balanced, elegant wine with fragrant plums, black cherries and violets. Fresh and moreish

£10.00 and over

Above £10.00, the wine should be delivering extra intensity and complexity, often also reflecting higher costs of production such as barrel fermentation or extended bottle ageing.
This excellent Prosecco is from a single vineyard in the premium area of Conegliano and shows what is possible with lower yields, more careful farming and decent winemaking. Well done to M&S not only for finding it but for pricing it sensibly so it squeaks in as Fair Value!

Marks and Spencer Monticella Prosecco Superiore DOCG Conegliano 2017

Monticella Prosecco Superiore DOCG Conegliano 2017
From: Marks & Spencer
Price: £10.66
Wotwine thinks this is worth: £10.00
Tasting note: Nicely made, characterful and elegant wine with sweet apple and lemon notes white flowers and good mousse


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*Note – Prices and availability correct at time of research, we cannot guarantee that all stores stock the listed items and price may vary or be subject to change.