Is Tesco mounting a challenge in the value rankings?

As we have often said, one doesn’t have to drink expensive wine everyday so long as it is well made, interesting and not bland or dull. All you really need is something with a good balance of fruit, acidity and intensity, and that will make it good for everyday drinking.

Our real test is: do you want the second glass? And does it taste like where it comes from?

So we are delighted that the new buyers for Tesco have obviously started a review by looking at the their own-label range. As it happens, we also think they are doing an excellent job as these next three clarets prove.

These Tesco clarets all come from a good Bordeaux “négociant” called Yvon Mau. The 2015 own-label claret we tasted blind against all the competition and thought it was worth £6.50 a bottle, so at £4.15 it is very good value. You may be put off by a wine so inexpensive, but dont be: this is really typical of classic Bordeaux; slightly leathery and pleasantly complex with a nice bite of tannin, freshness and dark fruit. An honest simple Bordeaux and exactly what you would get in a café by the Gironde with a Steak and pommes frites! BUY HERE.

Tesco Claret 75Cl
They also have an even better Bordeaux Superior 2015, worth £7.50, and on the shelves for £6.00. BUY HERE.
Tesco Bordeaux Superieur 75Cl

For something a bit more serious, the 2015 Finest Medoc is a really solid wine, worth £9.00 and on for a very reasonable £8.00. BUY HERE.

Tesco Finest Medoc 75Cl

wotwine? can definitely recommend these to you as typical, well made wines; well priced, and all from Yvon Mau. Well done Tesco!

On the whites, we are pleased with the latest raft of Muscadet and Tesco’s 2015 version is very good. At only £4.50 its an excellently priced quaffing white. BUY HERE.

Tesco Muscadet 75Cl
Our favourite is probably from Asda though. Their Pierre Chainier Muscadet is a bright, lemony, ripe and crisp wine, easily worth £7.00, but on the shelf its only £5.50. BUY HERE.
Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie
Back to some extra reds we tasted and our undisputed wotwine? of the week is a star claret from Château Saint Pierre, St Julien, 2011 worth £25.00 and in Aldi for £19.99. This is a proper claret ready for drinking now, with dark cherry fruit, layers of spice, complexity and class. Without doubt this really makes you want a second glass! BUY HERE.
Image result for chateau st pierre
Our other star red this week is a Priorat in Asda. Noster Nobilis Priorat is delicious, with bright red fruits, yet spicy, gamey and with a rich intensity and touch of dark chocolate at the finish. A wine where you really want the next glass, and very typical of this wonderful wine growing region in the mountains of Catalunya. At £8.49 this is great value as we think its worth £10.00 a bottle. BUY HERE.
 Image result for asda priorat