Good Pinot Noir for under £10.00? Really? We think so.

Good Pinot Noir is probably the hardest wine to come by, even the greatest Grand Cru Red Burgundy will have it’s moments in the shade, before it become delicious.

The Pinot, apart from being thin skinned and therefore susceptible to rot or damage, is possibly the most challenging varietal to make really well, and even when it is made it can still be fickle!

Pinot Noir ages through three phases: the early fruit stage, a spicy stage then finally a sort of “sweet”, gamey, “animal” stage. But in between it can be a bit dull, and lesser wines may never reach the zenith “sweet” stage.

As a result we often start our blind tasting of the range of Pinot Noirs with some trepidation, however we are delighted to report on three excellent non-Burgundy wines.

The first is a Jean Cornelius Pinot Noir from Alsace which was lovely, gentle but ripe and round with red fruits and just beginning to become interestingly spicy. We thought this wine was worth £10.00 but it is at Lidl for £6.49, so grab it while you can! The perfect wine for a good roast chicken.

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The second Pinot Noir is also good value and comes from the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range. This 2015 Rheinhessen with lovely bright, soft berry fruit is on at £7.00, but easily worth £8.00. BUY HERE.
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The final snip, and probably our wotwine? of the week, is from New Zealand, one of the best places to grow Pinot Noir, and from cool climate Marlborough. This 2014 Exclusive Collection at Aldi has light, clean and bright red berry fruit and layers of spice. It’s a really lovely example and exceptional value at £6.99. We said it was worth £12.00! BUY HERE.

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Some of the others we tasted were bigger wines, trying to get more colour and body, but they were a bit clumsy and less refined. Remember Pinot Noir is mostly a delicate flower!