Fantastic quality and value from Spain this week!

Spain and Portugal have always offered the best value from any country in our evaluations, but this week we tasted some wines of real quality and class, and all amazing value for money.

White wines:

We love good Albariño from the best region Rias Baixas in Galicia, but they have tended to be quite expensive. However, there are two in Lidl that are delicious in their different ways.The first  is the Abellio Albariño 2015, has a crisp, ripe, lemony zesty character and a good complex and stoney minerality making this very appealing, and at £5.99 great value for this very genuine wine. Perfect with seafood and crustacia.

Image result for abellio albarino
The second is Sentidino Albariño 2015. Now this is a seriously good wine! Brilliant intensity of flavour and long, lingering flavours. Again lovely citrus lime and lemon fruit, but also complex minerality, with a whiff of the sea and again a hint of salinity.
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This is an excellent very well made wine we thought worth £10.00 but amazingly it is the same price as the fresh young “cousin” above at £5.99. Wines can be found here.

Red wines:

Again from Spain, Waitrose appear to have raised the stakes on Spanish reds of late. The nicely made, juicy Camino Roja Carinena Gran Reserva 2009. (don’t be confused by Roja, it is not a Reeeeoja!), is a Gran Reserva of seven years old, and has soft developed pleasing juicy fruit characters, and a savoury, oaky complexity. But above all it is very, VERY “moreish” (don’t be confused with moorish, Spain lovers!) .
Camino Roja Gran Reserva Carinena

It was getting near lunchtime when we tasted this wine, and it was crying out for some slow cooked lamb with lots of herbs and garlic! £6.69 for a wine of this maturity and quality has to be good value. CLICK HERE TO BUY.

If you like something with more primary fruit Waitrose’s other Carinena we thought was equally good in a different way and even better value at £6.49. It is the Valle de Viento Carinena 2013, perhaps not as complex as the Camino Roja, but this has lots of juicy fruit, is well made nicely balanced and a real crowd pleaser. CLICK HERE TO BUY.

Valle De Viento Old Vine Carinena
Finally, we can’t let you go without mentioning a very good Italian wine we tasted this week from Asda. For those of you who love good Tuscan wines, the Orbitali Brunello di Montalcino 2010, has gorgeous, sweet fruit and is a complex, gentle and mature Brunello.  It has cherries, silky tannins and a long finish with subtle baking spices and hint of coffee. This is a classy wine, and as most of you will know Brunello is not cheap, however at £16.98 this is very good value, we thought worth every penny of £20.00. CLICK HERE TO BUY.
Orbitali Brunello di Montalcino