Aldi and Lidl shine again in the value stakes, plus a fantastic Claret find in Tesco!

Our tastings this week have thrown up two amazing value wines, which just goes to show that simply because a wine is inexpensive, it doesn’t mean it needs to be a poor, manufactured product. It can still be genuine and well made;  good, straight forward, typical and enjoyable.

Check out the Duca di Sasseta Chardonnay Insolia 2015, which is typically Sicilian, with ripe orange blossom and crisp marmalade character, nicely balanced acidity and a deeply attractive character. For £4.99 in Lidl, this is a star and we value it at £7.00 a bottle. VIEW HERE.

Lidl online Angebot Duca di Sasseta Chardonnay-Insolia Terre Siciliane IGT, Weißwein 2014
At Aldi they have a rustic, gutsy own-label Côtes du Rhône Village Cuvée Reserve 2015. This wine has all the elements: good crunchy fruit, ripe bite of tannin and crisp acidity, but which really needs a few months of bottle age to come together. If opening now, get some air to it by decanting for half an hour to allow it to mellow and open up. For £3.99 this is astonishing value, an ideal sausage and mash or barbecue wine worth £6.00 at leastVIEW HERE.
Image result for aldi cote de rhone village
The final wine to look out for if you are a Claret fan is the very attractive Château Ferrande Graves 2012 in Tesco. £15.00 on line but we have found it at £11.00 in some stores. This is very typical of the region with complex savoury flavours, leather spices, good use of oak, nice fruit and now mature and easy to drink. Intensity is good for what was a lightish vintage. At £11.00 this is about right if you can find it in store, but we would pay £12.00 certainly and probably up to £15.00 maximum as this is good to drink now and is a proper wine. CLICK HERE TO BUY SOME!
Chateau Ferrande Graves 75cl

This week we also want to draw your attention to a new light-hearted wine book, well worth buying, with proceeds going towards building schools in Sierra Leone.

The book is the result of conversations between wine entrepreneur Jerry Lockspeiser and wine drinkers over the past 30 years. He found most people didn’t want a lecture about wine, instead they were after practical answers to questions like ‘What is the difference between Champagne and Cava?’ and ‘Are supermarket-own label wines any good?’ We love the content of the book, it has an easy conversational style, doesn’t require any wine “buffery”, and it fits totally with what we do: independently helping people find great value on supermarket shelves.

The revenue from the book sales will be donated to The Millione Foundation, a social enterprise Jerry set up with two wine business friends to fund the building of primary schools in Sierra Leone. Working with leading international development charity ActionAid, five schools have been built giving 1500 children an education. These book sales will help to build the next school.Available here on Amazon. You will get a 20% discount (£1.80) off the £8.99 price until 30th October by putting the code WOTWINES into the promotional box at checkout. The code is only valid once, but you can buy several copies if you want them for presents.

Should you need any further encouragement, WOTWINE? WILL SEND A BOTTLE OF OUR “TOP PICK” OF THE WEEK TO TEN BUYERS OF THE BOOK WHO E-MAIL THEIR AMAZON RECEIPT TO US AT:  We will make the draw from those who notify us at the end of October.

If you wish to make a separate donation to help build the next school you can also do so here.