wotwine? survey results

A huge thank you to all of you who filled out our survey on the kind of premium app you would like us to create for you.  We had a tremendous response and I bet you are all now itching to know the results!And so without further ado:

  • The overwhelming majority of you want to have a ‘deal alert’ whereby you are alerted as soon as a wine price drops and becomes extra good value. This can be personalised to alert you only to the types of wine you like.
  • Over half of you wanted a ‘find similar’ button to find a great value alternative in the store you are in.
  • 50% of you wanted geo location to tell you what is great value in the store you are currently visiting.
  • Half of you wish us to extend the tastings and reviews beyond supermarkets to other retailers and on-line wine merchants.
Of course the standard wotwine? app will always be free, helping you to get great value with every bottle you buy.  These new additions which tailor the app to your own personal wine preferences and make it even easier to save money and get great value wine would involve some fairly expensive geeky technology so we asked you what you would be happy to pay for this service.
  • 2% said they would not wish to pay,
  • 85% said they would be prepared to pay £2 per month, or a one off annual fee.
  • 13% said they would pay more.
We also had lots of very helpful observations and ideas for improving our service, so thank you all.   We will definitely be drawing on these as we make improvements to the existing app and please feel free to keep sending us your feedback.  Keep your eyes peeling for the launch of the new premium app in the autumn.Last but not least, we had a draw from the first fifty respondents for a case of some of the best wine we have tasted recently.  We are delighted to announce the winner as Laura Churcher from Cambridge. She was kind enough to say, “I’m a big fan of Wotwine? and find that the app takes a lot of the guesswork out of picking supermarket wine! Good luck with Wotwine? in the future!”   That means a lot to us Laura, thank you for the support and enjoy the wines!

Thank you all for filling in our survey, it was a tremendous help, and we are always very pleased to get your comments and observations, both good or bad, to help us improve Wotwine?