It’s a question of pride!

Finding great value wines worthy of a celebration.

This Saturday the streets of London are giving themselves over to the fabulous Pride festival.  It is a celebration of diversity, of equality, of acceptance and a bold challenge to any residual prejudice.  Now you might not be LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and everything in between) but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the spirit of the party!The festival promises to be a loud, proud, vibrant and exciting celebration and we have found just the wines to suit the mood.  The good news is extravagantly good wines need not mean extravagant prices if you know where to look. It is time these wines came out of the closet so you can taste them in all their glory.

Pink is not only the colour of pride, it is the perfect wine to go with the summer sunshine that has finally arrived!  Sadly there is a lot of very dull, poorly made rose out there, but we have unearthed a few gems that will fit the bill a treat.

First up we have an absolute gem, it is the Lidl Corbieres Rosé 2014 from the South of France.  Do not be put off by the dodgy label and the slightly deeper colour as it is a delicious dry and refreshing wine.  It is really elegant and fresh, with beautiful flavours of wild raspberries, wild flowers, a lovely savoury spice and a granite minerality that unfolds on the palate.  We felt a wine this classy would be worth £9.00 but when the price was unveiled at £4.99 it went straight to the top of our shopping list.  Buy in store only.

For a more simple yet joyful bottle of Rosé try the Aldi Baron Saint Jean NV Rosé, despite its French sounding name it is actually from Spain.  This wine has lashings of juicy raspberry and strawberry fruit and a bright, lively finish.  We thought this would really hit the spot at £5.50 but it is for sale at just £2.99!  We are not sure how they are managing that price point, but it certainly makes this wine a great deal.  Buy in store only.

We really wanted to recommend the utterly fabulous Miraval Provence 2014 Rosé but it is currently out of stock as production is small and demand high.  This is of course the Rosé from Brangelina and instinctively I had been ready to dismiss the wine as no more than a marketing gimmick.  However, having tasted it blind the wotwine? team were absolutely blown away by the quality.  Though it is punchy we felt it really was worth £20.00, however you can get it for just £18.00 at M&S when it is in stock so sorry to tease you but do keep your eyes peeled for it’s return to the shelves.
In the mean time you can feed your premium pink urges on the delicious Alexandre Bonnet Rosé Champagne NV from Waitrose.  It is a really classy number, elegant yet concentrated, delicate yet intense with bright berry fruits and a rich creamy palate that lingers delightfully after you have swallowed it.  We thought this Champagne was well worth £26.99, but you can find it on promotion at Waitrose for the bargain price of £19.99.  We can’t think of a better way to get a festival under way.  Click here to buy.
If pink is not your thing, then fear not as we have a stunning Pinot Noir that will blow your socks off!  It is the Crittenden Pinot Noir 2010 from the super premium region of Mornington Peninsular in Australia.  Shelve your preconceptions of Australian wines as big, masculine, alcoholic fruit bombs as this is superbly graceful and fine boned.  Mornington is a cool region as it is surrounded by the ocean and has a high ridge meaning that they produce fresh and perfumed wines.  This has a little bit of maturity allowing some tantalising flavours of soft leather and earthy notes to compliment the fresh strawberry and blueberry fruit.  We thought this was a £22.50 bottle of wine, but it is currently on offer in Asda for just £14.00.  This really is a steal! Click here to buy.
And so this weekend, enjoy the sun, enjoy your wine and feel the pride!