The great Prosecco drought

wotwine? have some wines up their sleeve in case the threatened Prosecco drought arrives.

A hysterical frenzy seems to have met the announcement that there might be a Prosecco shortage this summer.  Now assuming this is true and not a cynical ploy to raise the price on Britain’s favourite fizz then maybe, just maybe, this could prove to be a blessing not a curse.
Now hear us out before you start sharpening your pitchforks. Prosecco streaked onto our shelves and into our hearts as the great value sparkling wine.  It gave us the opportunity to celebrate for under a tenner with a simple, fresh and fruity fizz and for that, hen do’s up and down the country salute you.  However, it is because of that delicious clean, frothy, apple fresh style that it is such good value –  as sparkling wine goes it is cheap to make.  If the price goes up is it still going to be servicing the value sparkling niche or are we simply buying on reflex because the brand has become so strong?  Might there be a ‘new Prosecco’ waiting in the wings to burst onto the stage to capture our taste buds and free up a few extra quid in our wallets?
There are in fact many sparkling alternatives available to us which have been hiding in the shadow of Prosecco and Champagne, just waiting for their chance to leap into the spotlight.  The best kept secret has to be the fabulous world of dry, non-champagne French sparkling wines. As they are from outside the geographical Champagne region they are called Cremant rather than Champagne. They are named after the region they hail from ie Cremant de Loire, Cremant de Bourgogne, Cremant de Limoux and provide excellent value for money.   We are spoilt for choice in which to recommend so do get out and try a few; the 1531 Blanquette de Limoux 2010 from Tesco is a particularly beautiful wine at £10.99 but comfortably worth £12.00 and is worthy of any celebration, it is rich yet elegant with lovely brioche and bright apple notes; a really classy number.  Click here to buy with your groceries. or click here to buy by the case
However the best value still has to be the delicious Philippe Michel Cremant de Jura from Aldi, at just £7.29 it is an absolute steal as we felt it was worth £15.00.  You really can’t go far wrong serving this at any occasion. Available in store only.
In a different style but one that can be equally moreish is the sweet, sparkling Moscato.  Moscato is the shell suit of the sparkling wine world, it was pretty cool in the 70’s but hasn’t been thought much of since.  However there has been a massive Moscato revival by those in the know and it provides fabulous drinking gratification at a very reasonable price.  It is much lower in alcohol than Prosecco and the sweetness is combined with such zippy freshness that it feels almost dry on the finish.  It abounds with such joyous grapey flavour you can’t help but love it.  Its heartland is in Piedmont in Northern Italy but lovely examples can also be found in Australia.  Try the Lidl Allini Asti Spumante DOCG 2014 from Italy which at £5.99 is exactly what we would pay for it.  In stores only.
However, if you can’t live without Prosecco in your life then you had better run to M&S as the best value Prosecco we have tasted is the Conte Priuli Prosecco DOC which is on offer at £10.00 but we felt was really good quality and worth £11.00.  Click here to buy