Are you impartial?

We are. Read more about our code here.

How do you value the wine?

Valuations are a combination of the world wide expertise of our team and our rigorous methodology. We line up flights of wine – up to 50 wines of a single class – and taste them together. When you’re able to compare the same kind of wine, from across the supermarkets, the difference is stark. It is easy to see which are worth paying more for and which less. We then compare our independent valuation to the shelf price. If the shelf price is less we know we’ve uncovered a great buy for you!

How do I sign up for the newsletter?

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Will you add more retailers to your reviews?

Yes, we plan to start doing so and have already started tasting these wines. Because the number is huge and we buy all the wines to remain independent, we will charge a small price for a premium version of the app which will give access to six or seven of the biggest retailers in addition to the free main nine supermarkets we already review. The premium app will have other enhancements, and be less than the cost of avoiding buying a duff bottle, so look out for the launch soon. Let us know which retailers you would like us to add?

Is my data secure?

Yes, but please look at our security policy.

How does wotwine? use my data?

We don’t. We will do nothing outside our own database with any of your data without your permission. See our Privacy Policy for details.

I have a technical problem with the app, who do I contact?

We are extremely sorry about that, and will try to do everything to help. It would be most  helpful if you could tells the type and model of your smart phone, and exactly what the problem is with screen shots if possible. Please give this detail using our contact form.

I have some ideas about how wotwine? can do even better, who do I tell?

We love hearing from you, and any ideas about how we can make wotwine? better are gratefully listened to.  Please let us know!

Got more questions you’d like us to answer?

Contact us and ask !