Wotwine Apps on Apple and Android


Looking for the perfect bottle of wine for a special occasion or just want to find the best value supermarket deals? Then the free Wotwine? wine app is for you. Our unique system has been built to be the only supermarket price comparison app on the market that compares both quality and value, and gives you guidance on the best wine for your needs! With this in mind, we are NOT a price comparison website, but we DO show you the best value for money wines!

The reason we do not just offer best price comparison is because each supermarket has a unique range and we taste all these wines comparatively by category and then tell you which is the best for taste and best value for money, making this service much more valuable that just price comparison! It is only a few big brands which are multi stocked in a number of different supermarket chains. That said, if you look up on our site a big brand like Moët et Chandon Champagne, you will see which chain has the best price!

Available for Apple and Android devices, our free wine app will transform your wine shopping experience.

Unique Wine Scanner

Using the Wotwine? app’s unique wine scanner, you can find the best value supermarket wine. Simply scan a bottle and you’ll be provided with its Wotwine? value. This tells you the wine’s RRP and how much our expert wine tasters think it’s worth. You’ll also get a short review of the wine to help you find the best bottle for you. We’ve tasted over 10,000 bottles of wine to give you a definitive guide to the UK’s supermarket shelves.

Food Pairing

Think of the Wotwine? wine app as your own personal sommelier with help only a click away. Use the food pairing option to select your main dish, cooking method and any spices or flavourings you intend to use, and the app will recommend the best wines to complement your meal.

Find New Wines

If you’re looking to broaden your horizons and try more wines you can also use the app to find new bottles. So whether you enjoy red, white, rosé or sparkling wines, Wotwine? can help you find new favourites.

Download the Wotwine? wine app today on Apple Store or Google Play and get scanning.