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Wotwine is a unique free app designed to transform your wine shopping experience

Supermarket wine aisles can be frustrating places. It’s not easy to spot the great value wines amongst the promotions, many of which simply take the price down to what it should have been in the first place. That’s what inspired us to create Wotwine – the expert independent supermarket wine guide that will ensure you get the best wine at the best price, every time! 
Our unique app allows you to scan bottles in store and get an instant Wotwine value – what our experts think you should pay. You can see whether or not you’re getting a great deal, allowing you to pick the best wine that matches your personal tastes whilst knowing you’re getting value for your money.
If you’re planning ahead or shopping online, our website gives you flexible search functions by retailer, type of wine and price to help you find the right wine for you at the right price. We also have blogs and articles, highlighting great value wines for you to try, whether it’s at a summer BBQ, with a Sunday roast or something special for Christmas or Easter.

How Our Unique Wine App Works

  • Simply pick your wine, scan the barcode and you’ll see what our team would pay. No confusing scoring systems, just the value
  • You’ll also be able to read a short review
  • Search for your perfect wine if you already have an idea of what you’re looking for. Filter by store, wine type, price and additional options to receive a list of recommended wines, including our top rated wines for taste and quality,  our wine price guide makes sure you get the best wine, every time!
  • All this makes it the perfect companion for on-the-go shoppers

Wotwine three step process - Select - Scan - Buy

Independent Wine Reviews

Our team of independent wine experts have tasted and reviewed close to 15,000 bottles of wine since we were founded five years ago to give you an extensive guide of the bottles in supermarkets.  No-one else has that depth of coverage of supermarket wines. 
From fragrant Pinot Noir and rich Bordeaux reds, to crisp Sauvignon Blanc and  indulgent sparkling wines, we’ve reviewed over 80% of the wines available on supermarket shelves. Think of us as your independent supermarketwine guide , helping you find the highest quality and best value wine for your budget.


Value For Money

With a multitude of supermarket wine deals around it can be hard to identify the ones that offer the best value for money. That’s our mission at Wotwine.
Our free wine app helps you find the best wine based on both quality and price. Discover if that deal really is as good as it looks, see how much we would pay for it and search for alternative wines in that category.
* Please note that prices change frequently and we cannot guarantee price accuracy.

The Wotwine Wine Supermarket Retailer of the Year Awards

2020 Wotwine Supermarket Wine Retailer of the Year

The Wotwine 2020 Supermarket Wine Retailer of the Year

Lidl wins Wotwine Supermarket Wine Retailer of the Year awards for fourth year in a row;

Aldi is Highly Commended and wins Old World Wine Award

Wotwine, the leading independent reviewer of supermarket wine, is delighted to announce that Lidl is the Wotwine 2020 Supermarket Wine Retailer of the Year, based on delivering best value for money for consumers across the range of around 150 Lidl wines tasted.  The ranking is a blend of quality and pricing.  Aldi, a close second overall, was Highly Commended.  Waitrose ranked top for quality, with Lidl narrowly in second place.
In a change from the 2019 Awards, Aldi beat Lidl by a fine margin to claim the crown for “Wotwine 2019 Old World Supermarket Wine Retailer”.  As last year, Wotwine found that, on average, Old World wines outperformed those from the New World for value, defying the popular view that European wines are more expensive.

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